Important Note!

E6 Diaspora does not and will never support Internet Explorer. Get a real browser!

System Requirements:

Javascript: MUST be enabled for all Energematrice6: Diaspora site operations. (Even this page's navigation)

Browser: E6 Diaspora requires HTML5 Canvas. Any canvas-enabled browser provides minimal support.
Canvas is available in Safari 3+, Firefox 4+, Chrome 10+ and Opera 9+
Note: Some javascript libraries provide backward-ports of canvas. These may or may not work.
If these options are not available to you, check back soon for news on our thinline site for mobile!

System Hardware: E6 Diaspora is web-based and does not require any specific system hardware.
Note: Very old computers will experience difficulty running E6 Diaspora. See recommendations below.

System Recommendations:

Browser: E6 Diaspora is thoroughly tested in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
Note: Because of the extreme lack of feature support in Internet Explorer, we can not support it.
Opera, while not officially supported, will ordinarily work with E6 Diaspora.

Processor: Late-model dual core processor or better. (Processor speed increases rendering performance.)

RAM: 3GB+ of system RAM is recommended. (E6 Diaspora will ordinarily use 1GB+ by itself.)

Graphics Card: Any graphics card with 500MB+ of RAM. (Depending on browser hardware acceleration).